Lab People

Peter F. Delaney, Ph.D

Dr. Delaney is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He is involved in all lab projects; click the picture for a curriculum vita.  In his free time, he enjoys hiking, photography, and reading.

Yoojin Chang, M.A.

Yoojin is a Ph.D student whose research interests are at the intersection of cognitive and social psychology.  She has been studying how memory affects our attitudes; the testing effect in recognition memory; and why we get gains and losses on repeated study trials in recognition memory.

Wyatt Smith, B.A.

Wyatt is an M.A./Ph.D student whose research interests concern memory updating.  His recent work is aimed at forgetting without replacement, reminding, and reconsolidation effects.

Undergraduate Students

Spring 2017:  Bernadette Badua, Alexa Britt, Gina Cardeñas, Alex Carroll, Agustin “Deus” de Leon, Xueni He, Jonathan “Zach” Hinshaw, Hannah Howell, Dylan Jarrell, Niki Kamalipour, Cayla Kitts, Akasha Stevenson, Cody Torres

Fall 2017:  Gina Cardenas, Ryan Gore, Xueni He, Shafik Powell, Gretchen Preheim, Layne Sanders, Wyatt Smith, Jasmin Torres

Spring 2018:  Ryan Gore, Shafik Powell, Gretchen Preheim, Layne Sanders, David Tripp, Breanna Williams