Director: Peter F. Delaney, Ph.D


Dr. Delaney is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He is involved in all lab projects; click the picture for a curriculum vita.  In his free time, he enjoys hiking, photography, and reading.

Postdoc: Yoojin Chang, Ph.D


Yoojin is a 2019 Ph.D whose research interests are at the intersection of cognitive and social psychology.  She has been studying how memory affects our attitudes; the testing effect in recognition memory; and why we get gains and losses on repeated study trials in recognition memory.

Wyatt G. Smith, M.A.


 Wyatt is an M.A./Ph.D student whose research interests concern memory updating.  His recent work is aimed at forgetting without replacement, reminding, and directed forgetting effects. 

Elizabeth Gilbert, B.A.


Liz is a second-year terminal master's student interested in the intentional forgetting and context-change theories.  She is currently investigating the circumstances under which people can forget earlier-learned information, and how they do that.

R. Lane Adams, B.A.


 Lane is a first-year terminal master's student studying expertise and memory-for-when. He is writing papers on recollection and spacing in memory, and various topics in expert performance.

Undergraduate Lab Students

  • Spring 2017:  Bernadette Badua, Alexa Britt, Gina Cardeñas, Alex Carroll, Agustin “Deus” de Leon, Xueni He, Jonathan “Zach” Hinshaw, Hannah Howell, Dylan Jarrell, Niki Kamalipour, Cayla Kitts, Akasha Stevenson, Cody Torres
  • Fall 2017:  Gina Cardenas, Ryan Gore, Xueni He, Shafik Powell, Gretchen Preheim, Layne Sanders, Wyatt Smith, Jasmin Torres
  • Spring 2018:  Ryan Gore, Shafik Powell, Gretchen Preheim, Layne Sanders, David Tripp, Breanna Williams
  • Fall 2018:  Myranda Cook, Paola Forcadela, Reshona Moses, Layne Sanders, Akasha Stevenson, Breanna Williams
  • Spring 2019:  Myranda Cook, Paolo Forcadela, Katlynn Mabine, Kaz Moore, Reshona Moses, Carson Peske, Layne Sanders, David Tripp
  • Fall 2019:  Solomon Amaning, Myranda Cook, Justin Hazzard, Ajah Hester, Cayla Kitts, Katlynn Mabine, Casey Scott, David Tripp, Taliyah Walker
  • Spring 2020: Myranda Cook, Ajah Hester, Cayla Kitts, Christopher Rumsay, Casey Scott, Taliyah Walker, Mufeng "Oscar" Xu