Data Archive & Tech Reports

Delaney & Ericsson (2016), JEP:General

There were no data in this project.

Delaney, Goldman, King, & Nelson-Gray (2015), Personality & Individual Differences.

The paper explored whether "mental toughness" really predicts directed forgetting or not.  Materials and data.


Wahlheim, Smith, & Delaney (2019), Memory

We tested whether different types of reminders are differentially effective in memory for change.  Data and materials at

Chang, Delaney, & Verkoeijen (2019)

Tested the episodic context account of the testing effect using context-laden vs. familiarity-driven recognition.  Materials and data.





To Request Other Data

So far, we've only added 2015 and onward.  Most of our older data and materials are available using Box or Dropbox.  We will share the entire folder with qualified researchers on request.  We also hope to slowly add more data to the page above, and maybe someday move it to a searchable blog format.  Our current goal is to update the above page whenever we publish a paper that someone from our lab was first author on.  

For data from other labs, we  redirect you to the first authors unless we have their permission to place them here.